salt mentoring

salt mentoring program

You are the salt of the earth. — Matthew 5:13

Salt Outreach is dedicated to supporting people seek an individualized pathway to Christ in a community based setting of their choice.  Salt outreach strives to build fundamental life skills, strategies to cope with life stress, and aide in building individuals up to their personal vision of success.  Throughout the supportive process, supporters will continually point individuals to Christ-centered principles and encourage prayer and biblical studies.  We understand that not all people understand what they enjoy. A part of services is pursuing hobbies and interests and learning to enjoy life free of past struggles.  We walk along side of people in their community of choice and instill the hope of Christ through one-on-one faith-centered interaction.

our commitment

  • Love unconditionally
  • Safe environment to hangout in
  • Accountability & encouragement
  • Non-judgemental relationship
  • Intentional faith-based support
  • Assistance in acquiring community resources

If you or someone you know needs a Salt mentor in their life contact us by clicking here or going to our contacts page.