Salt Founders

Salt Founders


Salt Outreach is a non-profit organization founded in 2012 by Christine & Elijah Steinbrecher . The mission & vision have been a natural progression in our lives. Salt began with one-on-one relationships with 2 individuals God placed in both of our paths. Today, Salt has expanded into the community through intentional one-on-one relationships, volunteerism and group/bible studies. Our mission is to offer a Christ-Centered environment to individuals in recovery and support individuals and organization who are seeking spiritual transformation by developing  relationships, providing education, and  participating  in community outreach.

Elijah has worked in the recovery field as a certified peer specialist for the past 8 yrs. In September of 2013 Eli went part-time to service in ministry and served at the Dream Center counseling and teaching the bible to individuals in recovery. In April of 2012 Christine’s journey lead her into full-time ministry. Walking with women in recovery & crisis as they seek their path and working with local churches and organizations in the community is the starting vision Salt Outreach was founded upon. In 2013 she received her PA state certificate of completion to be a Domestic Violence Advocate and volunteered at a domestic violence shelter. She also lived as a “House Parent” for the Rescue Project in Phoenix Az, helping women that have been sexually exploited. Through Salt, God has intertwined Eli & Christine’s personal journeys with a passion for helping others in their time of need and seeking God’s truth for them as Christians. Today they live, work, and serve in the Central Phoenix Area supporting and loving on those whom have a desire to live a Christ centered life.

Salt is the perfect metaphor for our vision in life. Salt is used for ingraining, preserving and enhancing the flavor of life. As grains of salt, we are all unique with one common goal- to seek purpose and unity with one another. Our vision is to build faith & bridge the gaps between individuals & communities to preserve a culture of love.

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Salt Outreach
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