Pass the Salt

This page is so people can share, inspire, encourage, spread love, send prayers, and show support… in other words please pass the salt.




Salt Outreach has greatly impacted my spiritual journey and brought me closer to God. They have been my cheerleader, my friends, and my sponsor. I love Christine and Eli with my whole heart and I hope to follow in their line of work to help others.

—Ashley C., The Salt Mentoring program



Having faith-centered support helped me let go of some of the fears I developed throughout my life. Salt helped me gain a closer relationship to God. I developed a positive network of friends and learned how to stay clean and sober. Salt support helped me get through the hard times and gave me hope. Today my life is enriched and I can make decisions now and I know God will help me.

—Ricky W., The Salt Mentoring program



You guys are Awesome. I love your class on Statuary morning. You have opened my eyes to God and I love having Him in my life. What you two do is a true blessing. You are wonderful people. God Bless!

Your friend always,
Kelly J.



Although I always believed and had God in my life, I fell away from God’s path when I found myself in a deep depression. Life circumstance had me feeling so beat up mentally, emotionally, and physically. Spiritually, I felt separated from God. I stopped praying and was angry with Him for matters beyond my control. When Christine and Eli came to the rehab, they were the connection I needed to reunite with the Lord. The message was clear. We were placed on this earth to glorify God. I was not glorifying God by using drugs that would destroy my body and relationship with HIm and my loved ones. As we sang familiar songs of praise & worship, I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit warm my heart giving me peace in my mind, body and spirit. With the Bible Scriptures they read, I felt equipped with the armor of God to get through another day.

—A participant in Spiritually Group I


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