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mission & vision

Salt Outreach offers a Christ-Centered environment to individuals in recovery and support individuals and organization who are seeking spiritual transformation by developing  relationships, providing education, and  participating  in community outreach. Salt Outreach supports the transition from life recovery programs to successful living.

Our vision is to build faith & bridge the gaps between individuals in recovery & communities to preserve a culture of love and restoration.

who we serve

Our target populations of individuals are men and women who are seeking recovery from past addictions and struggles. Men and women in the Salt community come from all different socio-economic backgrounds, races, age, and religions. There is no need for disabilities or level of “medical necessity” for participants. One needs only to desire to pursue success with a focus on Spiritual maintenance. Salt Outreach maintains a voluntary status with all participants and engagement is at the discretion of the participant.  Salt offers a non-denominational community that encourages each individual to grow their own personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Participants in services would be individuals who are exiting programs and in search of positive support in community-based settings, as well as those already in community-based settings of their choice in need of spiritual and moral support.  Individuals should have a desire to create new habits and principles of living, which can support them in building and ultimately maintaining sobriety and independence.

 To contact us to know more about our Salt programs you can contact:
Elijah Steinbrecher
Christine Steinbrecher

1505 W. Campbell Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85015