Give a Gift

give a gift of support

A gift of support to Salt is your opportunity to share in our mission of faith in the community. Salt supports men and women that identify with drug & alcohol addictions. Those seeking His Love learn of God’s truth through one-on-one mentoring, group studies, and community outreach. Help us continue to glorify God by supporting those in need of His LOVE!

Friendship Gifts


Communication Gift • $25 

Your monthly pledge for $25/month will support our 24/7 open line of communication. Your pledge helps fulfill our monthly communication expenses of $100/month. Your pledge aides in keeping open lines of communication via phone, email, and social media. Individuals seeking support and Love need someone to talk to. Your support helps keep our communication active.

Salt Lover Sponsor • $100

Sponsor one person for a month desiring a spiritually centered relationship. Creating One-on-one relationships based in love is important in building a strong foundation in faith.  Your pledge of $100 assures an individual a safe environment to meet (even if we have to go outside the home), accountability, encouragement, non-judgmental relationship, intentional faith-based support, and assistance in accessing community resources. Many of the people we mentor do not drive. It is important we are able to meet them where they are at. Included in your sponsorship fuel for visits, a meal, reading materials, and other items as needed.


Group/Study Gifts


Salt Shaker Gift • $50

For just $50 you can support a weekly group of a dozen people in recovery receive a message of Love for an entire month! Your gift provides an opportunity to share live worship music, a weekly original message with teaching aides, inspirational faith based themes, handouts, and cost of fuel to location.

Activity supplies • $80

One month of supplies for activities for two 12 member group; Rehab: Spirituality Group  & Inspirational Sunday. Your gift provides supplies such as paints, brushes, paper, pens, notebooks, wood, glue, mp3 downloads, clay, and other teaching aides like rocks, puzzles, handouts, etc. The people in these groups are hands-on and have a desire to learn! With your help we are able help them understand life application of God’s word through art and interactive activities.

10 Recovery Bibles • $160

Your gift will supply 10 NLT Recovery Bibles to people who are seeking God to restore their lives. We run out of Bibles each month and could use more to help bring God’s word to those in need.


Community Gifts

Gift of service • $20

For $20 you can support one of our individuals serve in the community. We are always seeking different ways to serve others in need as well as encourage those we mentor in giving back. Your gift includes organization, support, and instruction of participants. Also, time and transportation to locations in the community. Whether you serve in the community or not, this $20 gift is your opportunity to give back.

Green light gift • $300 

Reaching people with God’s word requires diligent work.. and ALOT of travel!  Your generous donation of ANY AMOUNT will help provide us with fuel to meet our monthly need of $300. The area God has us working in spans over 50 miles. We need your support in keeping our vision in motion. Sponsor a month or a fraction of one.

Any amount you would like to gift is a huge blessing and all goes to Salt Outreach Inc.